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MF Shutdown Manager 2.1

MF Shutdown Manager will let you shut down your system at a given time
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MF Shutdown Manager is a program that will let you shut down, hibernate, or log off your system at a given time. It can also configure how your monitor will behave on these operations. You can set when and how to return from stand-by mode or hibernation. You can even set the program to start an application on resumption. The settings to configure each item are grouped under tabs to make things clearer.

Besides, you can configure the program to clean up traces of your recent Internet activity. This program will erase the cache, history, typed URLs, auto-completion data, cookies, as well as the usernames and passwords stored by any Internet browser. It will also empty the recycle bin and delete all temporary files and application logs.

As a bonus, this program is also capable of configuring alarms to be played at a given time, with any sound of your choice. It can be also set to show reminders before executing any of the scheduled tasks. Finally, the program can be configured to be launched when Windows starts.

In brief, MF Shutdown Manager is an easy-to-use program for controlling side aspects of your system's shutdown.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows you to control the behavior of your system on shutdown


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